Today’s Gospel reading speaks of the need for mutual forgiveness. Peter says to the Lord, ‘How often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs me?’ The Rule of our Holy Father St Benedict speaks of the need to pray the Our Father at every office: ‘The Offices of Lauds and Vespers should never be allowed to pass without the superior at the end of all reciting the Lord’s Prayer in the hearing of all the brethren, on account of the thorns of scandal which are wont to arise; so that warned by the covenant which they make in that prayer, saying: ‘Forgive us as we forgive,’ they may cleanse themselves of such faults. At the other Offices let the last part of that prayer be said aloud, so that all may answer: “But deliver us from evil.”’ At the lesser Offices, the first part is said silently, but the point is clear. May we all truly learn to forgive, as Christ has taught us, and may we all be blessed in this.