St Bede, Monk of Jarrow, died in the year 735, and his tomb is still in Durham Cathedral. Known as a great mediaeval scholar of Holy Scripture, he is said to have declined the office of Prior as it would have taken him away from his work of writing and scholarship. At the end of his life, it is told of him that he was dictating his last text to a young scribe in the monastery. The young scribe said, ‘Dear master, there is still one sentence that we have not written down’. Bede responded, ‘Write quickly’. After a little while the boy said, ‘There, now it is written’. ‘You have said well’, replied Bede. ‘It is at an end. All is finished’.

There is a clear connection here with our Lord’s words on the cross, ‘It is finished’; a sense of completion, a task fulfilled.

May St Bede, the Venerable, pray for us, and may God bless you and enable you in your own life to fulfil and complete all that is given you to do.