Today’s saint, who died in the eleventh century, was the Founder of the Camaldolese Order, a semi-eremitical branch of the great Benedictine family. Here are some precepts St Romuald gave to his monks: ‘Sit in the cell as in paradise; cast all memory of the world behind you; cautiously watching your thoughts, as a good fisher watches the fish. In the Psalms there is one way. Do not abandon it. If you who have come with the fervour of a novice cannot understand everything, strive to recite with understanding of spirit and mind, now here, now there, and when you begin to wander while reading, do not stop, but hasten to correct yourself by concentrating. Above all, place yourself in the presence of God with fear and trembling … sit like a chick, content with the grace of God, for unless its mother gives it something, it tastes nothing and has nothing to eat’.

Certainly, his advice on praying the Psalms is useful for us even today. We can learn, too, from his contentment with the grace of God, like a chick!

May St Romuald pray for us all, and may God bless you in your own journey of prayer this day.