Also known as St Edith Stein, this Carmelite nun was martyred in Auschwitz in 1942. In her monastery, she was often asked to contribute talks to the nuns, and she also wrote some outstanding poetry.


Here is a verse from one of her poems, ‘A Pentecost Novena’, addressed to the Holy Spirit:


‘Are you not the sweet manna / That from the Son’s heart / Overflows into my heart, / The food of angels and the blessed? / He who raised himself from death to life, / He has also awakened me to new life / From the sleep of death’.


Those words turned out to be prophetic, although one can see, in the sombre tenor of much of her writing from Carmel, that she was fully aware of what was to come.


May she pray for us in the challenges of our own day, and may God bless you.