In his sermons on the Song of Songs, Bernard writes: ‘Do not, then, pin your hopes on ephemeral well-being, but cry to God like the Prophet and say: “Do not desert me when my strength is failing.” Be consoled in the time of trial and say with the bride: “Draw me after you; we shall run in the odour of your ointments.” This will keep your hopes buoyant in times of hardship, and give you foresight when fortune favours you. You will ride above the vicissitudes of good and evil times with the poise of one sustained by values that are eternal, with that enduring, unshakeable equanimity of the man of faith who thanks God in every circumstance. So even amid the fluctuating events and inevitable shortcomings of this giddy world you will ensure for yourself a life of durable stability, provided you are renewed and reformed according to the glorious and original plan of the eternal God, the likeness of him in whom there is no such thing as alteration, no shadow of a change’.

These are indeed words in which we may place our trust, for they are safe and sure, drawing us to God who is All in All.

May God bless you this day.