On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1964, Pope St Paul VI visited Nazareth. He said of the home of the Holy Family: ‘In the first place it teaches us silence. Oh! If only esteem for silence, a wonderful and indispensable spiritual atmosphere, could be reborn within us! Whereas we are deafened by the din, the noise and discordant voices in the frenetic, turbulent life of our time. O silence of Nazareth! Teach us to be steadfast in good thoughts, attentive to our inner life, ready to hear God’s hidden inspiration clearly and the exhortations of true teachers’.

These are indeed words of wisdom which have stood the test of time. May we heed them, for they are prophetic, and as valuable now as when they were first spoken.

May God bless you, and draw you very close to Himself this day.