This fourth century saint is sometimes known as the ‘Athanasius of the West’ for his robust defence of the Faith against the Arian heresy.  Pope Benedict XVI, in summarising Hilary’s teaching, says: ‘Hilary found the starting point for his theological reflection in baptismal faith’. He concludes his reflection on the teaching of St Hilary with one of  the latter’s own prayers: ‘Obtain, O Lord that I may keep ever faithful to what I have professed in the symbol of my regeneration, when I was baptised in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit. That I may worship you, our Father, and with you, your Son; that I may deserve your Holy Spirit, who proceeds from you through your Only Begotten Son… Amen’.

This is a prayer we can all make our own. As we pray it, may God bless each one of us, and keep us faithful to what we have professed.