These two early African martyrs died in the year 203. Here is part of the account of what happened after their death:

‘Moreover, also, the blessed Saturus related this his vision, which he himself committed to writing: — “We had suffered,” says he, “and we were gone forth from the flesh, and we were beginning to be borne by four angels into the east; and their hands touched us not. And we floated not supine, looking upwards, but as if ascending a gentle slope. And being set free, we at length saw the first boundless light; and I said, ‘Perpetua’ (for she was at my side), ‘this is what the Lord promised to us; we have received the promise’.”’

May we too know that gentle call, ‘Enter into the joy of your Lord’ at the end of our own lives. May God bless you in all, this day.