Here is a small part of the wondrous homily for Holy Saturday:

‘What is happening? Today there is a great silence over the earth, a great silence, and stillness, a great silence because the King sleeps; the earth was in terror and was still, because God slept in the flesh and raised up those who were sleeping from the ages. God has died in the flesh, and the underworld has trembled. Truly he goes to seek out our first parent like a lost sheep; he wishes to visit those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. He goes to free the prisoner Adam and his fellow-prisoner Eve from their pains, he who is God, and Adam’s son’.

The image shows the city of Birmingham; and above, a crucifix from the monastery. The words are from the poem ‘Love’s Endeavour, Love’s Expense’, by W H Vanstone. It is offered as an intercession for our city and all the world at this time.

In this silence, and stillness, we centre our thoughts on the Lord, following Him in His journey. May God draw very close to you at this time.