‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me’. These words are from our Gospel reading.

St Cyril of Alexandria, in commenting on these words, wrote: ‘He Himself is the Truth, He is the Way; that is, the true boundary of faith, and the exact rule and standard of an unerring conception concerning God. For by a true belief in the Son, namely as begotten of the very essence of God the Father, and as bearing the title of Son in its fullest and truest meaning, and not even in any sense a made or created being, we shall then clothe ourselves in the confidence of a true faith. … He is the Truth, He is the Life; for none other will restore to us the life which is within our hopes, namely, that life which is in incorruption, and blessedness, and sanctification … In Him therefore and through Him, all that is best and all that is precious has already appeared, and will appear for us’.

May God bless you in His Way, in His Truth, and in His Life, and keep you strong in His Love for whatever awaits you this day.