Greetings for this wonderful feast! It seems unlikely that there will be any Eucharistic processions this year, but we can all make a pilgrimage in our hearts to the Source of all that is good, true and beautiful, namely the Lord hidden in the Tabernacle. We can locate in our hearts the Tabernacle nearest to us, and go there in spirit, if place is denied us, and adore Him there.

Here are some words of Mother Mectilde de Bar, seventeenth century Benedictine nun, translated by a Benedictine monk of Silverstream Priory: ‘The same God whom we adore in the Most Holy Sacrament is always present to us in every place.  We must adore Him in spirit and in truth. In spirit, by means of a holy interior recollection; in truth, by acting in such wise that all our observances become a continual adoration, and this by giving ourselves faithfully to God in all that He asks of us, because as soon as we fail in fidelity, we stop adoring. … To adore continually it is not necessary to say, “My God, I adore Thee.” It is enough to tend inwardly to God [who is] present, to maintain a profound respect out of reverence for His greatness, believing that He is in us as He truly is. In fact, the Most Holy Trinity dwells in us: the Father acts and operates there with His power, the Son with His wisdom, and the Holy Ghost with His goodness. It is, therefore, in the intimacy of your soul, where the God of majesty abides, that you must adore Him continually. From time to time, place your hand over your heart, saying to yourself: “God is in me. And He is there not only to sustain my physical life, as in irrational creatures, but He is there acting and operating, to raise me to the highest perfection, if I do not put obstacles in the way of His grace.” Imagine that He says to you interiorly: “I am always in thee: abide thou in me, think of Me and I shall think of thee, and I will take care of all the rest. Be wholly at my disposal, even as I am at thine; live not apart from Me. As Scripture says, “He who eats of Me will live by Me; He will abide in Me, and I in him”. Happy are those who understand these words and who adore in spirit and in truth the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost!’

May the Presence of God be very real to you today, and may you know His blessing.