Here are some words from one of St Bernard’s homilies on the Song of Songs: ‘The coming of the Word was not perceptible to my eyes, for he has no colour, nor to my ears, for there was no sound, nor yet to my nostrils, for he mingles with the mind, not the air, for he has not acted upon the air, but created it.  His coming was not tasted by the mouth, for there was no eating or drinking, nor could he be known by the sense of touch, for he is not tangible.  How then did he enter?  Perhaps he did not enter because he does not come from outside?  He is not one of the things which exist outside us.  Yet he does not come from within me, for he is good, and I know that there is no good in me.  I have ascended to the highest in me and look, but the word is towering above that.  In my curiosity I have descended to explore my lowest depths, yet I found him even deeper.  If I looked outside myself, I saw him stretching beyond the furthest I could see.  And if I looked within, he was yet further within.  Then I knew the truth of what I had read, “In him we live and move and have our being.”  And blessed is the man in whom he has his being, who lives for him and is moved by him’.

In one sense, there is no more to say! May God bless you in your own interior life, today and always.