Today’s Gospel reading. From St Luke, gives us the parables of the Lost Sheep, and the Lost Coin. St Ambrose comments: ‘You had learned above to avoid negligence, to avoid arrogance, to acquire devotion, not to be captive to the affairs of the world, not to prefer what perishes to what lasts. But as human weakness does not know how to keep a steady step in such a slippery world, the good doctor has yet shown you the remedies against misguidance, the merciful judge has not refused the hope of forgiveness. … Who are this father, this pastor, this woman? Is it not God the Father, the Christ, the Church? Christ carries you in his body, having taken upon him your sins; the Church seeks you, the Father welcomes you. … He possesses the innumerable herds of angels, the archangels, the dominions, the powers, the thrones, and others, which he has left on the heights. And since they are reasonable, it is not without motive that they rejoice at the redemption of men; Moreover, it is still a stimulant to be good, to know that your conversion is pleasant to the troops of angels, each of whom must seek patronage or fear disgrace. Be ye also joy for the angels; they are looking forward to your return’.

Part of the Benedictine threefold vow is the commitment to ongoing conversion, throughout life. It asks for a continuing ‘turning’, in Greek ‘metanoia’, to God in all times, all seasons, all circumstances.

May we respond to the grace given us in our Baptism to do just this, and may God bless you in it. And in this new lockdown, let us pray for one another.