Today would normally be the Memoria of St Francis de Sales. So we offer here a quotation from one of his letters to St Jane de Chantal: ‘I see that all the seasons of the year converge in your soul: at times you experience all the dryness, distraction, disgust, and boredom of winter; at other times, all the dew and fragrance of the little flowers of Maytime; and again, the warmth of a desire to please God.  All that remains is autumn, and you say that you do not see much of its fruit.  Yet it often happens that in threshing the wheat and pressing the grapes we discover more than the harvest or vintage promised.  You would like it to be always spring or summer; but no, my dear daughter, we have to experience interior as well as exterior changes.  Only in heaven will everything be springtime as to beauty, autumn as to enjoyment, and summer as to love.  There will be no winter there; but here below we need winter so that we may practise self-denial and the countless small but beautiful virtues that can be practised during a barren season.  Let us go on our little way; so long as we mean well and hold to our resolve, we can only be on the right track’.

So let us belong to God, whatever the season of our soul. May St Francis de Sales pray for us, and may God bless you this day.