We are reading the book of Tobit at Mass at present. Here is part of today’s passage: ‘The prayer of both was heard in the presence of the glory of the great God. And Raphael was sent to heal the two of them: to scale away the white films of Tobit’s eyes; to give Sarah the daughter of Raguel in marriage to Tobias the son of Tobit …’

In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, we read this on angels: ‘St Augustine says: “Angel” is the name of their office, not of their nature. If you seek the name of their nature, it is “spirit”; if you seek the name of their office, it is “angel”: from what they are, “spirit”, from that they do, “angel”. With their whole beings the angels are servants and messengers of God. Because they “always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven” they are the “mighty ones who do His word, hearkening to the voice of His word”’.

The name Raphael means, ‘God heals’. May you know the power of God’s healing in every part of your own life, whatever need you may have, and may He bless you abundantly this day.