Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, first of all, a Christ-centred devotion – but where the Lord is, there is also the blessed Trinity. St Margaret Mary Alacoque understood this perfectly when she wrote, ‘Behold this Heart, which has so loved men!’ As a Visitandine nun, she drew on the spirituality of St Francis de Sales, who founded her Order together with St Jan de Chantal.

Here is a prayer of St Francis de Sales to the Sacred Heart, which you may like to pray today: ‘May Thy Heart dwell always in our hearts! May Thy Blood ever flow in the veins of our souls! O Sun of our hearts, Thou givest life to all things by the rays of Thy Goodness! I will not go until Thy Heart has strengthened me, O Lord Jesus! May the Heart of Jesus be the King of my heart! Blessed be God’.

May the love of Jesus fill your heart this day, and may the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you richly.