This Feast is a wondrous day, and to celebrate it, here are the opening lines of the fine Anglo-Saxon poem, ‘The Dream of the Rood’: ‘Listen! The choicest of visions I wish to tell, which came as a dream in middle-night, after voice-bearers lay at rest. It seemed that I saw a most wondrous tree born aloft, wound round by light, brightest of beams. All was that beacon sprinkled with gold. Gems stood fair at earth’s corners; there likewise five shone on the shoulder-span. All there beheld the Angel of God, fair through predestiny. Indeed, that was no wicked one’s gallows, but holy souls beheld it there, men over earth, and all this great creation’.

May we be led deep into the mystery of the Cross, in adoration and in sharing, as the Lord wills, into its meaning for us personally. May God bless you this day.