Today is the Memoria of Pope St John Paul II, giant of the Catholic Church. In this Year of St Joseph, we quote from his Apostolic Exhortation on St Joseph, ‘Redemptoris Custos’: ‘The same aura of silence that envelops everything else about Joseph also shrouds his work as a carpenter in the house of Nazareth. It is, however, a silence that reveals in a special way the inner portrait of the man. The Gospels speak exclusively of what Joseph “did.” Still, they allow us to discover in his “actions” – shrouded in silence as they are – an aura of deep contemplation. Joseph was in daily contact with the mystery “hidden from ages past,” and which “dwelt” under his roof’.

These words we may apply also to the man who wrote them, for his interior life was known to be profound. May he pray for us, in our own journey of prayer, and may God bless you in it.