Today’s Gospel gives us the parable of the ten talents and the words: ‘Well done, good servant! Because you have been faithful in a very little, you shall have authority over ten cities.’

St Cyril of Alexandria commented: ‘Approach yet once again, that opening widely the eye of the mind, we may receive the light of the sacred doctrines, which Christ richly sheds on those who love Him. For He also is the true light, “Who enlightens angels, and principalities, and thrones and dominions, and even the holy seraphim, and also shines into the hearts of those that fear Him”. Let us ask therefore the illumination which He bestows, that understanding exactly the force of the parable set before us, we may store up in our minds as a spiritual treasure the benefit which it offers us. … The manner therefore of the distribution and who the persons are, and what the talents signify which He distributes – for He continues to distribute even to this day – the sacred Scripture clearly shows. For the blessed Paul has said: “There are distributions of gifts, but the same Spirit: and there are distributions of ministries, but the same Lord: and there are distributions of things to be done, but the same God Who works all in every man.” … But next I think that I ought to mention who they are who have been entrusted by Christ with these gifts, according to the measure of each one’s readiness and disposition. For He knows whatsoever is in us, in that He is very God, who spies the reins and hearts’.

May we be ready to use what has been entrusted to us in the service of Christ and His Church, that we may bear rich fruit. May God bless you this day.