The Book of the Revelations of St Mechtilde begins in this way: ‘The Revelations of Saint Mechtilde are contained in a book entitled “The Book of Special Grace”. This book was written almost entirely without her knowledge, and is based on the recitation of her communications with our divine Master. Two of the Saint’s companions, of whom Saint Gertrude was one, had arranged together to write it. It was nearly finished when Saint Mechtilde became aware of it. While she was hearing Mass a mysterious voice made one of the culprits known to her and at the same time asked her this question: “What shall be her reward for what she has written?” Very much astonished Saint Mechtilde asked her friend if she had been in the habit of writing down what she told her. She, not wanting to acknowledge it, made some excuse, telling the Saint to ask our Lord about it. Saint Mechtilde, having thus been made aware of the truth, was so grieved as to be inconsolable. She therefore went to our Lord, her ordinary refuge, and told Him confidingly of her sorrow. Our Lord appeared to her at once, holding the book on His Heart with His right hand. He kissed it, and said to her: “All that is found written in this book has flowed from My divine Heart, and will return to it.”’

May St Mechtilde pray for us, and may the riches of the Sacred Heart enfold us all this day, and God bless you.