A very happy and blessed Christmas to all of you who read this, from all of us here in Kingstanding Benedictine Monastery!

For today, here are some words of St Bernard: ‘The Solemnity of our Lord’s Nativity is indeed a great and glorious day, but a short one, and a short day calls for a short sermon. No wonder if we make a short speech, since God the Father has made an abbreviated Word: “Verbum abbreviatum”. Would you know how long and how short is the Word He has made? This Word says, “I fill heaven and earth” yet, now that “the Word is made flesh”, He is placed in a narrow manger. The Psalmist exclaimed, “From eternity and to eternity thou art God”, yet, behold! He is a Child of a day. And why this? What necessity was there that the Lord of Majesty should so annihilate Himself, should thus humble Himself, thus abbreviate Himself, except to show that we should do in like manner? He now proclaims by example what He will one day preach in words: “Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart” …’

May the humble Jesus, there in the crib, rejoice your heart, and may God bless you this day.