The ‘IHS’ symbol constitutes the first three letters of the Name of Jesus, in Greek. ‘His name shall be called Jesus’, said the angel Gabriel to Mary at the Annunciation, ‘for He shall save his people from their sins’.

St Bernard wrote: ‘The Name of Jesus is Light, and Food, and Medicine. It is Light, when it is preached to us; it is Food, when we think upon it; it is the Medicine that soothes our pains when we invoke it. … Tell me, whence came there, into the whole world, so bright and sudden a light, if not from the preaching of the Name of Jesus? Was it not by the light of this Name that God called us unto His admirable Light? Wherewith being enlightened, and in this light, seeing the Light, we take these words of Paul as truly addressed to ourselves; “Heretofore, you were darkness; but now, light in the Lord”’.

May this Holy Name be our shelter and our refuge, our strong defence against all the assaults of the enemy; and may God bless you abundantly as you invoke it.