Some words from today’s Old Testament reading, from Deuteronomy: ‘Only take heed, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things which your eyes have seen …’

How do we ‘keep’ our soul? Here are some words from St Francis de Sales, written to Mme de la Fléchère on 8 April 1608: ‘First thing in the morning, prepare your heart to be at peace; then take great care throughout the day to call it back to that peace frequently, and, as it were, to again take your heart in your hand.  If you happen to do something that you regret, be neither astonished nor upset, but, having acknowledged your failing, humble yourself quietly before God and try to regain your gentle composure.  Say to your soul: “There, we have made a mistake, but let’s go on now and be more careful.”  Every time you fall, do the same’.

These words ring as truly today as the day on which they were first written. May we heed them, and put them into practice; and may He Himself bless you in so doing.