Near the beginning of the account of her Revelations, the fourteenth century English mystic, Julian of Norwich, wrote these words: ‘These Revelations were shewed to a simple creature unlettered, the year of our Lord 1373, the Thirteenth day of May. Which creature afore desired three gifts of God. The First was mind of His Passion; the Second was bodily sickness in youth, at thirty years of age; the Third was to have of God’s gift three wounds. As to the First, methought I had some feeling in the Passion of Christ, but yet I desired more by the grace of God. Methought I would have been that time with Mary Magdalene, and with others that were Christ’s lovers, and therefore I desired a bodily sight wherein I might have more knowledge of the bodily pains of our Saviour and of the compassion of our Lady and of all His true lovers that saw, that time, His pains. For I would be one of them and suffer with Him. Other sight nor shewing of God desired I never none, till the soul were departed from the body. The cause of this petition was that after the shewing I should have the more true mind in the Passion of Christ’.

As we enter more deeply into the Passion of Christ at this time, let us pray that we may indeed ‘have the more true mind’ in the Passion of Christ, and unite ourselves to Him in His redemptive suffering for the world. At this time of crisis and war, this prayer has a particular edge to it. It is by no means an empty prayer, but one that is truly blessed.

May God bless you as you enter into Christ’s Passion, with Him.