St Justin, who was martyred about the year 165, was a convert to Christianity from Samaria. A philosopher, he used these skills to defend the Christian faith through his writings. To him belong one of the earliest accounts of the Eucharist: ‘On the day called Sunday, all who live in cities or in the country gather together to one place, and the memoirs of the apostles or the writings of the prophets are read, as long as time permits; then, when the reader has ceased, the president verbally instructs, and exhorts to the imitation of these good things. Then we all rise together and pray, and, as we before said, when our prayer is ended, bread and wine and water are brought, and the president in like manner offers prayers and thanksgivings, according to his ability, and the people assent, saying Amen; and there is a distribution to each, and a participation of that over which thanks have been given, and to those who are absent a portion is sent by the deacons’.

It is all very recognisable in relation to what we have today. May St Justin pray for us, and may God bless you this day.