Here is part of a traditional hymn for a Dedication Festival: ‘Blessed city, heavenly Salem, vision dear of peace and love, who of living stones art builded / in the height of heaven above, and, with angel hosts encircled, as a bride dost earthward move. … Many a blow and biting sculpture / polished well those stones elect, / in their places now compacted / by the heavenly Architect, / who therewith hath willed for ever / that his palace should be decked’.

Pugin’s beautiful Cathedral is a living symbol of what we all aspire to be, bright stones reflecting the glory of God.  The ‘biting sculpture’ that we need to undergo before we are ‘polished’ is our work on earth. May the Holy Spirit enable us, that we may shine like bright stars in God’s firmament, and may he bless us all this day.