This Feast celebrates two important events: the discovery of the True Cross by St Helena, and the Dedication of the Basilica in 335 which Constantine had built on the site of Calvary.

According to tradition, the identity of the True Cross was confirmed by a miraculous healing after St Macarius recited this prayer: ‘O Lord, who by the Passion of Thine only Son on the cross, didst deign to restore salvation to mankind, and who even now hast inspired thy handmaid Helena to seek for the blessed wood to which the author of our salvation was nailed, show clearly which it was, among the three crosses, that was raised for Thy glory. Distinguish it from those which only served for a common execution. Let this woman who is now expiring return from death’s door as soon as she is touched by the wood of salvation’. And so the True Cross was revealed, among the three discovered by St Helena.

May we also find true healing through the power of the Cross, and may God bless you this day.