In 1913, exactly 100 years before our own reception into ‘the one true fold of the Redeemer’,  Blessed Columba Marmion travelled to Caldey Island, to receive the Anglican monks currently living there into the full communion of the Catholic Church. Irish Monk and Abbot of Maredsous Abbey in Belgium, he became well known beyond his monastery through his talks, writings and presence. He has certainly inspired us.

He wrote to a correspondent: ‘Enter more and more into the great silence. Silence: (a) of the tongue; (b) of the movements of the passions; (c) of reasons and reflections on the manner in which others act. Leave that to our Heavenly Father. I am finding great peace of soul now that I do not allow myself to be concerned with the doings of others, as far as my duty as abbot permits. I speak of these things to the Heavenly Father, as the Psalmist constantly does. Then that becomes a prayer which makes peace and silence only the more profound’.

This is a good teaching on the ‘guarding of the heart’, an essential component of the life of prayer. May we heed these words, putting them into practice in our daily lives. May Blessed Columba pray for us, and may God bless you this day.