St John Paul II, who died in 2005, was a giant both spiritually and intellectually. The legacy of his writings is immense. His love for Our Lady is well known, and was seen in his motto, ‘Totus Tuus’.

He said: ‘Since the Church’s earliest days, Marian devotion has been meant to foster faithful adherence to Christ. To venerate the Mother of God is to affirm the divinity of Christ. In fact, the Fathers of the Council of Ephesus, in proclaiming Mary Theotókos, “Mother of God”, intended to confirm the belief in Christ, true God. … Marian devotion also encourages adoration of the Father and the Holy Spirit in those who practise it according to the Church’s spirit. In fact, by recognizing the value of Mary’s motherhood, believers discover in it a special manifestation of God the Father’s tenderness.

May St John Paul II’s witness inspire us, and his prayers, with those of Our Lady, gain for us that ‘special manifestation of God the Father’s tenderness’. May God bless you this day.