This Ukrainian Saint, martyred in the year 1623, is very much a Saint for our times. In an Encyclical of 1923, Pope Pius XI said of him: ‘In order that this unity and concord might be perpetuated forever, God, in His supreme providence consecrated it, so to speak, by the seal of sanctity and of martyrdom. The great privilege of being both a saint and martyr belongs to Josaphat, Archbishop of Polotsk, of the Eastern Slavic Rite, who is rightly looked upon as the glory and support of the Eastern Slavs. Certainly it would be difficult to discover another man who has brought greater lustre to his people or who has done more for their eternal welfare than he, their pastor and apostle … The blood of St. Josaphat even today, as it was three hundred years ago, is a very special pledge of peace, the seal of unity’.

May he pray for us, for peace in our own day, and may God bless you.