Below is the image that appeared on the tilma, or cloak, of St Juan Diego on 9 December 1531. The image is astounding, for it has not been painted there, but is one of only a very few images ‘not made by human hands’ – the Shroud of Turin, and the Holy Face of Manoppello. The eyes are especially worthy of note, and extensive research has been done on them. They portray likenesses of thirteen people, and are thought to be those present when St Juan Diego brought flowers given to him by Our Lady to his bishop, Juan de Zumarraga.

We can truly say that we are ever ourselves ‘in Our Lady’s eyes’ – constantly in her sight. This is a reassurance for us, that her tender maternal care is always present, guiding us every step of our life’s way.

May we ever draw on this great grace, and may Christ Himself bless you this day.