Here is part of our Old Testament reading, again from the book of Wisdom: ‘My son, if you come forward to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for temptation. Set your heart right and be steadfast, and do not be hasty in time of calamity. Cleave to him and do not depart, that you may be honoured at the end of your life. Accept whatever is brought upon you, and in changes that humble you be patient. For gold is tested in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation. Trust in him, and he will help you; make your ways straight, and hope in him’.

‘Cleave to Him’ …  it has been that it belongs to the Christian ‘to adore and to adhere’ – to adhere to Him, and also to His will, as it is revealed to us in our daily lives. May God bless you in this, and may you adore, and abide lovingly in His heart this day, as we prepare for Lent.