Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) saw in her visions a great deal of the early life of St Joseph. Here is an account of his early days as a carpenter: ‘To begin with, I saw him working with a carpenter at Lebona. This was the place where he first really learnt his craft. His master had his dwelling against some ancient walls which ran from the town along a narrow ledge of hill, like a road leading up to some ruined castle. Several poor people lived in the walls. I saw Joseph making long stakes in a place between high walls with openings above to let in light. These stakes were frames for wicker-screens. His master was a poor man, and made mostly only such common things as these rough wicker-screens. Joseph was very devout, good, and simple-minded, everybody loved him. I saw him helping his master very humbly in all sorts of ways—picking up shavings, collecting wood, and carrying it back on his shoulders …’

The image below, from our chapel, shows the humility and gentleness of this saint. As we celebrate him today, let us pray that his qualities may also be seen in us, through the grace of God. May he pray for us, and may God bless you this day.