St Aelred of Rievaulx wrote of Our Lady: ‘Let us come to his bride, his mother, his perfect handmaid, for the blessed Mary is all of this. But what are we to do for her? What kind of gifts shall we offer her? Would that we could at least return what we are in duty bound to do, for we owe her honour and service, we owe her love and praise. We owe her honour, for she is the mother of our Lord. He who fails to honour the mother clearly dishonours the son. Also, Scripture says: Honour your father and your mother. What then, my brothers, shall we say? Is she not our mother? Yes, my brothers, she is indeed our mother, for through her we have been born, not for the world but for God’.

It is good to have these words, coming straight from the English spiritual tradition. May we honour Mary today, and ask her intercession in any matter that may be troubling us at this time. May God bless you this day.