Today is also the Optional Memoria of Our Lady on Saturday. Here is part of an ancient homily for the Annunciation, by the third century St Gregory the Wonderworker.

‘Through her [Our Lady] has come for the sick the Physician; for them that sit in darkness, the Sun of righteousness; for all that are tossed and tempest-beaten, the Anchor and the Port undisturbed by storm. For the servants who are in irreconcilable enmity has been born the Lord; and One has sojourned with us to be the bond of peace and the Redeemer of those led captive, and to be the peace for those involved in hostility. For He is our peace; and of that peace may it be granted that all of us may receive the enjoyment, by the grace and kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ; to whom be the glory, honour, and power, now and ever, and unto all the ages of the ages.

May you know Him today as Physician, Sun of Righteousness, Anchor and Port; and may your own ‘Yes’ to Him be as deep and whole as was Mary’s; and may God bless you this day.