Here is part of our Old Testament reading, from the Book of Wisdom: ‘For thy strength is the source of righteousness, and thy sovereignty over all causes thee to spare all. For thou dost show thy strength when men doubt the completeness of thy power, and dost rebuke any insolence among those who know it. Thou who art sovereign in strength dost judge with mildness, and with great forbearance thou dost govern us; for thou hast power to act whenever thou dost choose’.

The ’mildness’ of God’s mercy reaches right back into earliest times, and is a reflection on God’s strength, rather than weakness. We can and should practise this ourselves, as recommended by St Francis de Sales: ‘Take care to practise well the humble meekness that you owe to everybody, for it is the virtue of virtues which our Lord greatly recommended to us’.

Today let us ask the grace of God for this virtue, and may God bless you in it.