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According to tradition, Our Lady appeared to the Lady Richeldis in 1061. The Pynson Ballad tells the story: ‘Our Lady led Richeldis in spirit to Nazareth and showed her the house where the angel had greeted her. “Look, daughter,” said Our Lady. “Take the measurements of this house and erect another one like it in Walsingham, dedicated to praising and honouring me. All who come there shall find help in their need. It shall be a perpetual memorial to the great joy of the Annunciation, ground and origin of all my joys and the root of humanity’s gracious Redemption. This came about through Gabriel’s message that I would be a mother through my humility and conceive God’s Son in virginity.’ The house that Richeldis built became a shrine, and was sadly destroyed at the time of the Reformation. Today, the ‘Slipper Chapel’ is the national Catholic shrine.

May we honour Our Lady in our homes and in our lives, and follow her example of faithful obedience. May God bless you this day.