Today’s Memoria of St Thérèse of Lisieux is omitted because of the Sunday, but here are a few lines from her ‘Act of Oblation to Merciful Love’: ‘I thank You, O my God! for all the graces You have granted me, especially the grace of making me pass through the crucible of suffering. It is with joy I shall contemplate You on the Last Day carrying the sceptre of Your Cross. Since You deigned to give me a share in this very precious Cross, I hope in heaven to resemble You and to see shining in my glorified body the sacred stigmata of Your Passion. After earth’s Exile, I hope to go and enjoy You in the Fatherland, but I do not want to lay up merits for heaven. I want to work for Your Love alone with the one purpose of pleasing You, consoling Your Sacred Heart, and saving souls who will love You eternally’.

On this Sunday, may St Thérèse be very close to each one of us, and God’s Merciful Love be in us and among us. May He bless you this day.