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Dom Columba Marmion is special to us, for his having received the Anglican monks of Caldey into the Church in 2013, exactly 100 years before we ourselves took the same step.

His works are considered spiritual classics even today. He said: ‘The greatest gift made by God to the human creature is that of his supernatural adoption by grace into Jesus Christ the Word incarnate.  The sovereign Being, infinite in all perfections who neither depends on or has need of anyone outside Himself, allows His immeasurable love so to flow over and permeate His creatures that they are elevated thereby to a participation of His Life and Felicity.  This gift exceeds the demands, surpasses the powers of nature, makes man the child of his Heavenly Father, the brother of Christ, the temple of the Holy Ghost’.

May he pray for us, that we may realise our true identity as beloved children of God, and may God bless you this day.