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Founder of the Carthusian Order, St Bruno’s life spanned the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The Prologue to the Statutes of the Order state: ‘To the praise of God’s glory, Christ, the Father’s Word, has from the beginning chosen certain men through the Holy Spirit, in order to lead them into solitude and unite them to himself in intimate love. In obedience to such a call, Master Bruno (“a man of always joyful countenance”), with six companions, entered the desert of Chartreuse, in the year of the Lord 1084, and settled there. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they and their successors, learning from experience, developed their own particular style of hermit life, which was handed down to succeeding generations, not by the written word, but by example’.

There is that in each of us that seeks solitude, whether recognised or not. Today’s saint may help us to find and give room to that longing, in whatever way we may be led, in our own way of life. May he pray for us, and may God bless you this day.