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St Gertrude, nun and mystic, died in Germany in 1301 or 1302. Here is part of an account of one of her visions: ‘The Saint, having begun to pray during the first Mass for some persons who had recommended themselves to her prayers, perceived a green vine-branch which came forth from the throne of God and descended to the earth. … She understood that this mystic ladder was a symbol of faith, by which the elect mount up to Heaven. As she saw many of her sisters assembled at the summit of this vine, on the left side of the throne of God, amongst whom Jesus Christ stood with extreme pleasure in presence of His heavenly Father, the hour approached at which the community would have communicated, if they had not been hindered by the interdict. She desired ardently that she and those present might receive this life-giving Sacrament which by an incomprehensible secret of the Divine goodness gives life to mankind, despite all the obstacles which are opposed to it. After this, she saw Jesus Christ holding a Host in His hand, which He plunged into the Heart of God His Father. When he drew it forth, it seemed as if coloured vermilion or tinged with blood. … Soon after she knew, without perceiving in what manner it was effected, that the Lord had chosen for the place of His dwelling and repose the hearts and souls of all her sisters whom she had seen assembled around the throne of God. … Then the Son of God, the Lord and Master of all virtues appeared to descend suddenly by a crimson ladder and soon after she beheld Him at the altar of the church of the monastery, clothed with pontifical vestments and bearing in His Hands a pyx like those in which the consecrated Hosts alone are reserved and He remained seated before the priest until the Preface of the Mass … He gave Himself to the community, with these words: “I am all yours; therefore, let each enjoy Me as she desires.” Then Gertrude replied to her Spouse: “Lord, now that I am satiated with Thy incredible delights, it seems to me that Thou art still too far from me when Thou reposest on the altar. Therefore, for the benediction of this Mass, unite my soul so to Thee that I may feel it is bound to Thee.” This the Lord accomplished in such a manner that she knew by her union with her Spouse how pleasing her desire was to Him’.

May she pray for us, and may God bless you this day.