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The image below comes from St Anthony’s cave, in his monastery by the Red Sea Egypt. Called the Father of Monks, St Anthony is still an inspiration today.

His ‘Life’ was written by none other than St Athanasius. Here is a short extract from his counsels to the many who came to consult him: ‘So after certain days he went in again to the mountain. And henceforth many resorted to him, and  others who were suffering  ventured  to  go  in.  To all the monks  therefore  who came  to  him,  he  continually  gave  this  precept:  “Believe  on  the Lord  and  love  Him;  … Pray continually; avoid vain-glory; sing psalms before sleep and on awaking; hold in your heart the commandments of Scripture; be mindful of the works of the saints that your souls being put in remembrance of the  commandments  may  be  brought  into  harmony  with  the  zeal of  the  saints”’.

May St Anthony pray for us, and may God bless you this day.