These two early Christian martyrs, whose names are familiar to us from the Roman Canon, met their deaths at Carthage in about the year 203. Saturus, who was with them, recorded a vision; here is part of it: ‘“We had suffered, and we were gone forth from the flesh, and we were beginning to be borne by four angels into the east; and their hands touched us not. And we floated not supine, looking upwards, but as if ascending a gentle slope. And being set free, we at length saw the first boundless light; and I said, “Perpetua” (for she was at my side), “this is what the Lord promised to us; we have received the promise.” And while we were borne by those same four angels, there appeared to us a vast space which was like a pleasure garden, having rose trees and every kind of flower …  Moreover, there in the pleasure garden four other angels appeared, brighter than the previous ones, who, when they saw us, gave us honour, and said to the rest of the angels, “Here they are! Here they are!” with admiration’.

Today we pray for the Church in Africa, where persecution still takes place. May Saints Perpetua and Felicity pray for us, and may God bless you this day.