St Jerome wrote of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem: ‘Others cut boughs … and strewed them in the way. They cut branches from the fruit bearing trees with which the Mount of Olives was planted, and spread them in the way; so as to make the crooked ways straight, and the rough ways smooth, that Christ the conqueror of sin might walk straightly and safely into the hearts of the faithful…. And when they had done all that was to be done by their hands, they offered also the tribute of their voices; and going before and following after they cried, not in a brief and wordless confession, but with all their might: “Hosanna to the son of David. Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.”’

As always, the contrast is striking between the joy of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and what follows liturgically. We are immediately into the Passion, with the Solemn Proclamation of the Passion from St Mark’s Gospel. Jesus Himself surely is aware of what is to come.

Let us take care to follow Him with all our heart, all the way, so that with Him we may be truly risen. May God bless in your keeping of Holy Week.