From today’s Gospel, from St Matthew: ‘Then one of the twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, “What will you give me if I deliver him to you?” And they paid him thirty pieces of silver. And from that moment he sought an opportunity to betray him’.

A passage from Zechariah links with this: ‘Then I said to them, “If it seems right to you, give me my wages; but if not, keep them.” And they weighed out as my wages thirty shekels of silver. Then the Lord said to me, “Cast it into the treasury” — the lordly price at which I was paid off by them. So I took the thirty shekels of silver and cast them into the treasury in the house of the Lord’.

The Passion moves on – Our Lord proceeding as it has been prophesied on Him. Let us go with Him, present to His suffering, but knowing it as the source of our redemption. May God bless you this day.